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people should get beat up for stating their beliefs // life

So, the amber beer is down to about one burble every 25 seconds. The stout is still going strong with nice healthy burbles every second, but it should slow down by tonight. I'm beginning to think they might just be drinkable by the last day of finals.

I slept rather crappilly last night. No idea why, except perhaps temperature.. I just had so much trouble keeping comfortable and I kept waking up throughout the night.. I'd shift to a new part of my blanky and toss a few covers around and then fall asleep for about an hour, latherrinserepeat..

I'm thinking an espresso drink may be in order.

That reminds me! I need to go online at some point today and order more coffee beans.. after paying bills.. yeah, I should probably take care of the bills today.. that'll be fun.. I get to play all responsible and normal and stuff.. wheee!!

That reminds me, I was chillin' over at gregory_geiger's place yesterday and sora3, he, and I somehow got on the topic of Nietzsche. They proclaimed my opinion was "the single most positive summary of his philosophy" they had ever heard. heh.. I don't know, it's just that whenever I read his books they allways strike me as being so hopeful and uplifting. Perhaps I just have bad transations of them and need to get more accurate ones? heh..

and there's a call.. gotta go do work now.. should probably change to my workshirt beforehand, people tend to like it if you wear something at least semi-professional on the job. :)

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