Lograh (lograh) wrote,

1337 b13r // catching up

so, on thursday I felt I wasn't in the mood to be overly social, so I decided not to try making it to thunderlord's play and just rode home. pushing myself helped to get my mind of things for a few minutes and it was nice.

Also, beer ingrediants were delivered that day, so I was able to loose myself in the process of brewing up a batch. Just put on der 'Pod and watch the wort boil.

I also did a batch last night, so now we have them both in the closet happilly burbling away. One lighter brew of a Munich style and one darker batch from the UK stout familly. Unfortunately, they'll take about 4 weeks till being drinkable, and it's only 3 weeks till finals.. damn, a week late..

Ah well, beginning of the month again, time to pay bills. and head out for some studying and perhaps more photo hunting, who knows..

I'm such a twit, I accidentally left my paycheck in my office yesterday, so I have to drop by there to get it and deposit it before the banks close. I'm hoping they're open till 2.. if it's one, I'm sol.. oh well.. I'll survive till wed if I happen to miss them today..

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