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wantwantwant // geekery - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 30.Apr.2004

13:07 - wantwantwant // geekery

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6.0 Mbps Down / 768 Kbps Up

wow.. just think of all the pr0n one could download at those speeds. heheh..


Date:14:23 30.Apr.2004 (UTC)
I know there are technical reasons for such things, but doesn't it seem a little odd that the UPload speed is always throttled? Gahd I love my Sdsl.

Consume consume consume!!! No!! Bad user.. no give.


But yeah, it seems like a sweet speed, huh?

Now that netflix will be offering downloads in
2005, it'll be a good speed to have! :) I LUURVE netflix.
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Date:14:25 30.Apr.2004 (UTC)
they're doing downloads now? I hadn't heard. that's great!

I LUUUURVE Netflix also, unfortunately my living situation does not allow me TV time to watch more than perhaps one movie a month.
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Date:14:40 30.Apr.2004 (UTC)
also, check here for a technical explaination of ADSL and why the upload speed is allways slower.
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