Lograh (lograh) wrote,

well, that sucked // life

today.. bah.. can I just have today removed from the records? please???

took a test in algebra.. While I think I did better than on the first test, I'm not entirely certain of that. I had so much trouble focusing.. I couldn't recall some very fundamental facts that would have made the test *SO* much easier.. so, while I wasn't overly stressed, I wasn't focused enough. Conclusion: Grieg helps calm me, but don't do shit for focusing. Perhaps Tchaikovsky for the final? I'll have to do some test-runs before then.

Also, I was a little distracted by wanting to know how poorly I did on my Analysis test. She had them graded and ready today, but my job duties forced me to miss her office hours to pick mine up, so I get to wait till tomorrow..

Also, I had a phone convo with serenica69 earlier today. let's just say that it didn't go well and leave it at that. That probably didn't help me on the test any.

There were other conversations had with individuals throughout the day that were less than joyfull as well.

Today just hit me from all sorts of sides.

And now, to get a free scoop of ice cream.
and after that, to find something to loose this headache the test gave me. perhaps Guinness would be in order..

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