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I feel like such a n3rd.. Today, waiting for the light rail to come sweep me away to work, I'm sitting there on my bike (I try to avoid riding the entire distance in the morning as I don't want to arrive to work overly sweaty or bug-covered) listening to some music and reading a book. The music: Tool. The book: Meditations on the First Philosophy. What a combo. :)

Speaking of the Meditations, I was standing outside class last week waiting for the teacher to come out (I got hung up in a work project and so missed the lecture) and one of the ladys in the class walked by and asked "what are ya readin?" I said "Meditations on the First Philosophy" and she, not having stopped walking one bit, said "cool. Descartes, right?" I, of course, confirmed and she wished me a good day and went on her way.

Speaking of the ladies in my classes, I have only one word to say (though you know I'll say a lot more): WOW!!! they are HAWT! Not necessarilly the pinnacle of what is commonly considered to be physicaly attractive (though one most certainly does fit that standard) but they have great personalities and wonderful minds. This one in particular who knew Descarts off the top of her head has a great sense of humour and a terrific laugh and smile. Sometimes her and I will make faces at eachother across the room during lecture.. Yes, we're *so* mature in the master's program here.. hehe...

It can be distracting, though, trying to focus on the topic of discussion when there are so many (well, okay, 3, but that's a lot for an upper level math course!) beautiful ladies (and, I must admit, 2 of the guys are quite attractive as well (purely straight, though -- bummer)) in the same room.

that, and there seems to be some rule I was unaware of that says "never date a math major". no, seriously. I was talking with some of the female math majors a few years back (why are they all so damn attractive?!) and they were talking about dating habits and how they had both swore they would never date a math major. One because she had tried twice before and both had been horrible experiances.. and the other because she had heard enough horror stories that she's just not going to risk it. I want to know who the hell were these bad experiances and give them a sound pummelling, they're ruining it for the rest of us!

On the other hand, there are quite a few ladies who claim they'll never date a Capricorn, so I guess I'm just doubly out of luck.

Oh well, time to get dressed (well, okay, put on a shirt (I was a little warm and my office is muggy, so I took off the shirt I rode here in)) and get my workday started.. At least this time I remembered to bring the MtnDew with me!

Oh, and I have begun tossing some random piccies up on DevArt, for those who care (though I doubt that's many).
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