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NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 26.Apr.2004

6:52 - NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! // life

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so, I show up to work this morning and I see the empty MtnDew bottle on my desk, and I get to wondering how much I have left in the little fridge I have here.. I cautiously open the door, and behold a most terrible sight:

no MtnDew!

crap. and I have an extra 2L bottle at home that I kept meaning to bring in to work for when the previous one ran out.. grrr..


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Date:10:56 26.Apr.2004 (UTC)
You're such an addict.

Picture me pointing and mocking you incessantly. Too bad I couldn't be there to do it in person. :)
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