Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Hospitals Smell

There is simply no way of sugar-coating the reality that hospitals have a distinctive smell about them. A smell which is not entirely unplesant, but which is most assuredly not plesant.

Perhaps this is because well over half the people visiting hospitals are there for the express purpose of taking care of something which is wrong with them, and some of these afflictions have some odd odor as a side-effect of them.

Perhaps it is a result of the hospital management purposefully adding something to the ventillation systems of hospitals in an effort to combat whatever air-borne particals may be resulting from the afore-mentioned afflicted people.

Whatever the reason, I had the unmatched joy of experiancing this odor for a good 2 hours (and someodd minutes) yesterday. My personal affliction of choice is an odd bump in my neck.

After waiting for quite a while and then having a doctor probe around and resultantly assure me that no, I am not imagining this bump. He then proceeds to tell me that I need to see a dentist. Turns out, that if you have something wrong with your teeth (or, just general mouth area) then a lymph node in your neck could react to it and swell up just as I'm experianceing.

9 times out of 10, that is.

The rest of the time they have to go in and cut out whatever is in there and then do some microscope work to determine if it's cancer or not.


The method they use for determining if it is just a reaction to bad oral hygine is to have you take some pills that are so large they put horsepills to shame. Okay, so perhaps I exaggerated that last bit a hair. These are easilly, however, the largest pills I have ever had to take. When I first opened the bottle I had to stand there for a good minute contemplating just how BIG these things are.

They are also, presumably, quite strong. They don't like you to be on them for more than 10 days, and even that is an iffy length of time according to the doctor who prescribed them.

The big problem, though, is that the friendly pharmacist who explained them to me said that while moderate ammounts of drugs (like caffiene or alcohol) shouldn't hurt too much, I'd be a lot safer if I just avoided them alltogether while taking these pills.


So, that's how my yesterday went. Exciting, no?

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