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milk: it does a planet bad // trash list - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 24.Apr.2004

17:51 - milk: it does a planet bad // trash list

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a straw wrapper
a discarded plastic strawberry milk bottle

a shred of yelllow "caution" tape
a plastic water bottle


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Date:19:08 24.Apr.2004 (UTC)
I pick up trash when I go on walks and thru the parking lot and such too, but I'd go nuts if I tried to record them all. I pick up random trash up when I go hiking, as long as it's a carryable amount. I also tend to try to recycle the recyclable things, which is usually like 75% of the litter I find. It's a great thing to do and I hope your posts encourage more people to do it, even occasionally.
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Date:7:04 26.Apr.2004 (UTC)
yeah, I wasn't recording it for a long time, but I found that I would often go a few days without picking up something (not for lack of trash to be picked up, mind you) and I didn't like that I was being so lazy. That's the only reason I'm recording it all here.

I do occasionally recycle the appropriate items, but I'm not too comfortable with the idea of carrying some icky gooey thing around for hours till I find a recycle recepticle, so if there's not one handy it just gets dumped in a trash bin.

While it'd be nice to see many other people making an effort to keep their surroundings clean, I doubt that'd ever happen (thankfully it's not really why I'm writing this stuff down here anyway -- I'd be rather dissapointed if it were). I'm a bit cynical in my general outlook that way.
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