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he's been with the world // - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 23.Apr.2004

12:50 - he's been with the world //

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I'm tired of the soup du'jour
I want to end this prophylactic tour
Afriad nobody round here
comprehends my potato
Think I'm only a spud boy
Looking for a real tomato


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Date:23:13 23.Apr.2004 (UTC)
I've tried to IM you a couple of times when I saw you on, but you never ever reply. Do you hate me, or are you not seeing it?
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Date:11:03 24.Apr.2004 (UTC)
if you saw me on, it wasn't me. I haven't loaded an IM client in... I think it's probably close to 6 months or more..

I do know that the "lograh" on AIM is not me. I could not get the Lograh account on AOL because one of their users had it before me.
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