Lograh (lograh) wrote,

wheeee!!!!!!!! // today so far

after not having much coffee the past few days (well, okay, weeks), I felt today would be a nice day for one. So I ordered a nice small soy white mocha with caramel. This would normally be a tad too sweet, even for my sweet tooth, but I balanced it out nicely by having them toss 4 shots of espresso in it. The bitter and sweet were just the perfect balance and it was actually quite yummy.. Had a bagel to soften the espresso blow on me tummy, and I'm nice and bouncy now.. :)

Of course, this is encouraged by the rockin' tunes I picked up yesterday.. I wandered past The Beat while doing errands and stopped in to check out the used CD racks.. Found something by Amon Tobin (a person I've been wanting to get an album from for some time now after hearing two of his pieces off der 'Net) so I picked it up. Imported it to der 'Pod this morning and I've been grooving on it all friggin morning (repeat-play, just continuous tunez). Good stuff. I must get more of his works.

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