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werg? // linkage -- sorta.. okay, not really. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 16.Apr.2004

7:33 - werg? // linkage -- sorta.. okay, not really.

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wrong. just. plain. wrong.

trying to think of what their server farm (pun not at all intended, but damn funny all the same) looks like, I'm reminded of that one computer commercial (I think it was for gateway) a while back that ended with them looking at the monitor plug and then looking around the barn with the cow nearby...



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Date:7:47 16.Apr.2004 (UTC)

I fail to see how that's wrong.

The Amish use only the simplest tools to achieve what they set out. For some of those, such as improving their community's prosperity by fulfilling online orders, the simplest tool *is* a computer.

The difference between an Amish using a computer and, say, you or I, is that they won't be getting their webcomics on. It's a tool for specific functions, not just a suckhole of entertainment.

Also, in many cases the Amish don't host these themselves - that's what IPPs are for. SacWeb had an Amish website project when I first joined.
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