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sex and cash // linkage - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 12.Apr.2004

9:22 - sex and cash // linkage

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in my wanderings, I have stumbled upon this little tidbit. A very simple thought, something we all can relate to, I'm sure. Yet I often find myself and others seemingly forgetting it.


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Date:10:30 12.Apr.2004 (UTC)
As an aspiring author, I've come to accept this. In fact, that's why I want to get a job in web development again - because now that I have a career goal outside of an IT career, getting a job in IT to pay the bills doesn't seem as bad. Basicly, now that I am working on my "sex" job, I can tolerate a crappy "cash" webjob.

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Date:16:24 12.Apr.2004 (UTC)

Sex & Cash theory

Interesting. I'm actually pretty excited about the prospect of being a surgeon -- pretty prestigious title, after all -- and it pays VERY well. (Then again, I also have this pipe dream of volunteering with wildlife conservation efforts as a vet for a couple of months per year...)
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