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Amazing what you can find out when one of your co-workers gets curious and starts actually doing research. She was looking up the contract legalese for us all 'cause she was curious about how to apply for a raise. Turns out all the salary ranges for each and every staff position on campus is listed in there. Just out of curiosity I looked mine up.

I'm making the absolute minimum for my classification. Next month will mark the completion of three years here for me, and I'll be paid the minimum for my job. The only way someone in my job could possibly be paid less is if they were still in the "probation" period (which lasts a year for my job).

wow.. learn something new every day.

I'm of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'm thinking "you mean to tell me I've been working for three years here and I'm making the same as someone who just finished his probation!?". I mean, I knew damn well that I'm the lowest paid ITC (my job title) on campus, but to know that it'd be illegal for them to pay less kinda stings. It's like the time I was working retail and I got a pay raise because the minimum wage had been increased. And, to add a touch of perspective, there are other ITCs around here who were hired after me, so I'm not the one that's been here the shortest ammount of time.

On the other hand, I'm morally opposed to asking for a raise if I don't actually need it. My lifestyle is currently somewhere between half and two-thirds of my income (still working on lowering it), and I still am on-track to have zero debt by the end of this year (I'm pushing for October, but it might slip to december). It's not like my long-term plans are hurting, as I based them on this income. I don't follow the mentality of "more money would make it easier" because I know that's a lie. When I first got this job, I was making 6 times what my previous job paid. What happened? My lifestyle ballooned up to fill the increased income. More money may make some specific details easier (like paying bills a,b, and c), but it also tends to add more things to your life (like bills d,e, and f) so the overall effect is a more complex and LESS easy lifestyle (which is why I'm working on reducing my lifestyle needs). I belive in resource conservation (except with hot showers -- a big weakness of mine): I don't keep the water on when I'm brushing my teeth, I don't have a car, and I don't ask for a raise unless I need it.

It still stings a bit to know that the only reason I'm making as much as I am is because the legal minimum for my job was raised and they had to raise my salary to match it.

And, of course, the co-worker who was looking this up instantly started pressuring me to apply for a raise as soon as she found out I'm at the bottom. Her arguments of "your retirement is based on your final pay" and "if you don't ask for it, you'll never get a raise" were all nice and good, but I managed to avoid the discussion with her. Which is one thing I'll never understand, when someone finds you're not doing something they would, and you tell them you'd rather not, why can't they just leave it as your decision instead of constantly hounding you about it?

ah well, such is life..

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