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a convo had tuesday // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 25.Mar.2004

17:48 - a convo had tuesday // life

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$Roomate : Hey, $friend is getting tickets for Slipknot, you want one?
me : HELL YES!!
me: uh, when is it and how much?
$Roomate : uh, I don't know, lemme ask.
<asks (he's on the phone)>
$Roomate : we don't know, you still want one?
me : HELL YES!!

heheh.. turns out it's 14.May and under $35 a piece.. YAY!!!! I'm gonna be beaten to a pulp in a mosh pit at Slipknot!!! WOOHOOO!!!!


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Date:23:06 25.Mar.2004 (UTC)
lucky bastard, as much as i am not too much into them anymore, they put on an incredible live show, i've seen them twice, and was highly impressed each time...
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