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well, this is certainly teh sux0r // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 25.Mar.2004

17:44 - well, this is certainly teh sux0r // life

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Yeah, I've been neglecting checking the weather reports for our area because we've been having some lovely sunny days.. Today I rode my bike in looking forward to a nice ride home in the sun. I'm now sitting here in my office dreading a walk home in the rain for which I am thoroughly unprepared.



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Date:17:57 25.Mar.2004 (UTC)
Where do you work, where do you live, and when do you get off? Perhaps I can rescue you from the dreadful and wet walk home.
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Date:20:39 25.Mar.2004 (UTC)
thanks for the offer, it really is appreciated. Alas, I left about 15 minutes after posting that, so I missed this comment.

I work at CSUS and live near Watt&Keifer, if that helps any. And it's not *too* bad a trip, as I spend most of it on RT. It's just the walk from Watt Light Rail station to home that is uncovered.

And the rain let up while I was on the Light Rail, to, so I wound up not getting too wet after all. :)
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Date:18:17 25.Mar.2004 (UTC)
I hear ya. I elected to go without even an overshirt today, and have stopped wearing my hat. I'm not looking forward to my walk, bus wait, and further walk home.
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