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Fastest bug in the west // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 23.Mar.2004

7:55 - Fastest bug in the west // life

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D00d, the 24-hour flu aint got nuttin' on the bug I had yesterday! I woke up yesterday with a slight tinge of nausea. I managed to eat my routine bowl of cereal, though it wasn't particularly appetising, and I went about my morning. By about 9 in the morning my stomache was now in open revolt and I was shivering. 'round 12 I tried to get lunch, hoping that would help, but couldn't eat more than a cup (after cooking) of rice. By 3 I had a headache that made concentration next to impossible and was barely able to sit up. I managed to remain slightly productive through to 4, when I sent to class. Thankfully we were going over fixed fields, so I didn't have to pay overly much attention. I then rode home, which was probably a mistake but I was of the opinion that I wasn't going to let some little bug stop me. I got home and was in bed by 6:25. I had the most annoingly interrupted night's sleep, between waking up feeling like I'm burning up with a fever, shivering even though I was under the blankets, and being unable to get comfortable for all the aches and pains in my bones. At some point in the night, I think it was about 2 in the morning, my fever finally broke. I woke up, and just realized I wasn't hot/cold anymore. It was amazing. No slowly-getting-better period, just a sudden cessation of all the discomfort. I was then able to sleep the next 3 hours (as I get up at 5 for work) without problem.

I sometimes wonder how these kinds of virii (admittedly, it could be a bacterium or something else) spread. I mean, you're sick for such a short period of time that you really don't have much contact with other humans. I would think the ones that keep you down for a few days would be more successfull. Ah well. 'tis no matter.


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Date:9:49 23.Mar.2004 (UTC)
Terran just had the same thing on Sunday!

I'm glad you're feeling better. *hug*
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Date:13:19 23.Mar.2004 (UTC)
Maybe it was supposed to be a 3-day flu, and your general health and sleeping just kicked its ass THAT much? I mean, the point of the violent symptoms is that they reflect your body doing 'healing' stuff, and if you're not taking things to suppress those, it probably goes faster anyway. Just wild speculation. :)
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Date:3:37 26.Mar.2004 (UTC)


Heh. Anything with onset that rapid is almost invariably a virus. Anything that disappears that rapidly is almost invariably a virus. Most bacteria invade after the immune system is weakened by a virus, and tend to malinger, and give you a wider variety of clinical signs and symptoms. And the most effective parasites are the ones that cause so few effects in the body that your body mounts no defense against them...allowing you to go out and interact as normal, spreading the parasite far and wide. The least effective parasites are the ones that kill their host. In fact, almost all parasites that kill a host are adapted for a different host -- the dead host just had the misfortune of picking up someone else's parasite. For example: Ebola virus. No one knows its natural host. We haven't been able to isolate it from any animal species that regularly survives. What we do know: it absolutely annihilates primates. Including humans. (Did I mention that I liked virology? And parasitology? I just got news that I won the parasitology award this semester!)
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