Lograh (lograh) wrote,

hrmm.. // random health wondering

So, I visited the doctor yesterday for a few questions. They took my blood pressure, as usual (how many times must one's blood pressure be checked!?), and as usual it came up high. Over the past few years, every time I have my blood pressure measured it's wound up high. I sometimes wonder if this should be cause for concern. I figure I've lived 28 years like this, I can likely manage 28 more. So no need to worry. :)

Same can be said for sleep apnea, it would seem. I mentioned it to the doc, she asked me a few quick questions, and when she heard my answers she handed me a form to fill out and turn in. The nurse looked at it, did some adding, and told me that I don't qualify for further examination. Turns out you need to score an 8 or above to get poked and prodded -- I only scored a 7. Funny that, I allways thought of myself as being good at taking tests. :)

Ah well, life goes on. Good thing I wasn't hoping to get poked and prodded, otherwise I would have been sorely dissapointed.

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