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tioed // mini-update - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 04.Mar.2004

8:51 - tioed // mini-update

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I stayed up till midnight last night, and got up at 5 this morning.

suck. ass.

I had a good reason, as a long-lost friend from high-school is finally out of the army and was back in town visiting, so he, ox_number_10, and myself sat around bullshitting (mostly him sharing stories of military life over in Iraq and other places he went to) till far too late.

And I'm meeting him tonight after class for some more visitation. Hopefully I can wake up by then. He's heading back out of town friday, back to his current abode in So.Cal. I have various bits of info, though, with which to maintain contact far better than I did last time.


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Date:10:59 04.Mar.2004 (UTC)


are you talking Kidwell? if so, can you get me his contact info?!
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Date:11:25 04.Mar.2004 (UTC)


why didn't you call me?
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Date:15:37 04.Mar.2004 (UTC)

Re: and

didn't have time, the phone was ringing as I walked in the door, and I talked to him the whole way while directing him to my place. Then he expressed interest in just sitting around the house talking, which we promptly did.

I'm seeing him tonight, you want we should stop by your place incase you're around?

Also, he's trying to track down some of his old dice and rpg books. You got any? I had some books in my room, which I gave back to him, and I think I may have some more in a box at my mom's place, which I'll look for, but we can't remember who got his dice.
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