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that which seperates biologics from mechanics // bitching about humans

One key feature that seperates biological thought processes from mechanical, that which truly seperates organic 'intelligence' from "artificial intelligence", the great boon gifted to damn near all living things, is adaptability.

It can be seen in the simple process by which a spider aproaches an obsticle in its path, carefully studies the obsticle with feelers, and then decides to either turn or climb. It is seen in monkeys in a cage, when they see a bananna they want but cannot reach and notice there is a box in the corner which they can drag under the treat and use to reach it. This simple method of quickly recognising that a given situation does not fit with previous ones and modifying either your behavior or the situation to achieve the desired result. The trait of adaptability allows living things to thrive in many environments they did not initially evolve in.

So why is it so many fucktards on campus fail to exhibit even this most basic of traits?!

The situation: there's an ATM with its touch-sensitive screen slightly off-center fromt the display screen. It's been like that at least a week and a half, so it's not like it should be a shock to anyone, but I'll skip that fact and assume that these people have not used this particular ATM since it stopped behaving normally. Anyway, as I said, its touch-screen is slightly off from where the button-areas are displayed. You actually have to aim about a quarter-inch above the button you actually want. It's not that hard a task to accomplish, and I figured this out the first time I used it. But I digress. Today was payday, and as such everyone was in a hurry to deposit their paycheques before the cut-off time so that they would be credited to their account tomorrow (presumably just in time to pay various bills, like rent or somesuch). So there's a long line, as usual, and this ATM doesn't seem to be working as people are used to.

I stood there chuckling amusedly to myself as three dolts walked up to the machine, began pushing the screen and cursing as it went to functions they had no desire in using, and then frustratedly pressing the screen over and over and over without the "back" button ever registering (I saw one person do this at least twenty times) and when it finally does they try to get the proper main selection and again get headed off to the same unwanted option they got stuck at the first time through. They eventually just give up and somehow manage to hit the "return card" button and stomp away muttering all sorts of curses and claims as to the uselessness of the machine. My only response is a silent (because I don't want to further aggravate them) comparison of the machine's supposed uselessness to their exhibited uselessness..

Three people. None of them managed to perform the function they had gone to the ATM to accomplish. I had quite a laugh at the whole affair. I was considering calling Wells Fargo to tell them the ATM was mis-aligned, but I've decided the humor is just too good to throw away like that.

Yes, I'm a cruel, cruel person to laugh at other's misfortune like that. But honestly, how difficult is it to figure out after a few hits that you just need to aim a little high and everything works as expected? You see that the situation is not as you expected, and you adapt to the new situation and continue on with your life.

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