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Feeding on their own kind. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 07.May.2002

8:41 - Feeding on their own kind.

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We all knew it would happen eventually. This article describes how the now-famous Klez.h worm (if you haven't heard of it or seen it yet, you are truly blessed) has itself been infected by another virus.
Short version: A few copies of the Klez.h worm have been found infected with a minor varient of the Chernobyl virus. It looks like a computer already infected with Chernobyl got hit by Klez also, and Chernobyl just saw the Kelz files as more targets, so it infected them. So now there are Klez.h files out there hitting systems and bringing the Chernobyl payload along with them.


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Date:9:21 07.May.2002 (UTC)

whew hew!

Yey! Isn't that how life is formed? Next thing you know, they will be able to infect your Microwave and Fridge..

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