Lograh (lograh) wrote,

hrmm... // life update

well, okay, that was fun..

Saw TKT last night, they are quite rockin. Also ran into someone I hadn't seen in *years* ('bout, er, 4 years now?). Turns out she's become something of a part of the social group I'm something no longer a part of. Odd how that happens sometimes. Saw a few other people from that group whom I'd missed. It's good to see y'all again.

Slept in till roughly 11. Doing some picture work (almost done with a basic first-pass of your pics, m'dear), and plan on showering at some point today.

Tonight: dinner theatre! I've never done that before, so it'll be nice to experiance it. Get a little culture and some nice food. Should be fun. :)

It is looking more and more like tomorrow will be my "catch up on studying" day.. ah well, these things happen when you try being social and a student at the same time.

Oh, in other, slightly related news, I stumbled across a site that has learn-german lessons for free download. It was a radio programme they did at one point, and they just mp3'd the audio. There are pdf files of the accomanying text to be had, as well. very nicely put together, and linked to from Germany's official international student organization, so I'm guessing they are rather legit. Perhaps this should help me improve my skills.

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