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it's election time again! // linkage -- GET OUT AND VOTE - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 27.Feb.2004

10:13 - it's election time again! // linkage -- GET OUT AND VOTE

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go read this entry by bridgeweaver.

Get ready to get out and vote! While I agree that reading up on the candidates is kinda silly at this point (unless you are registered with a party, in which case do your homework!) as it's only the primaries, there are still 4 ballot measures that you get a say on. They include a few bonds and some budgetary matters. Almost everyone I know in CA is in agreement that the state economy is sucking huge ass right now. Well, these measures attempt to address that, so get out and have your say on them!

As usual, I'm not going to tell you how to vote, just make sure that you do.


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Date:14:54 28.Feb.2004 (UTC)
If you haven't declared a party you can vote with a Democratic ticket, a Peace and Freedom ticket, or an independent ticket. If this wasn't the presidental primary, you would have also been able to vote under a Republican ticket.

While it's too late to do it now, I've actually decided that because I am sick of having to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, I'm actually going to start changing my party for every major election so that I get the most sway out of who those 2 "evils" are. For example if I had actually remembered that someone had once convinced me to sign up as Peace and Freedom, I would have changed to undeclared or Democratic and voted with a Democratic ticket, since the Republican canidate is already decided (Bush obviously.)
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