Lograh (lograh) wrote,

hrmmm // dreaming

wow, it'd sure be nice to study abroad. I'm sitting here looking through Germany's state-sponsored university site, and they have one or two that offer a PhD. in Mathematics (edit: to international students). Perhaps I should consider that as an option. Save up enough, maybe get a student loan or two, and then go study there. Provided they approve my application, of course. It'd be hard work, getting my language skills up to snuff. And they say that student jobs are highly regulated (they flat-out say that if you're an international student, don't plan on working at all -- EU students can work, but it's not likely to provide much income) so I'd have to somehow come up with tons of fundage..

But damn. the experiance that would provide. 3-5 years studying mathematics in Germany. wow..

plus, I would only have to have enough funds for cost of living and books. They don't charge tuition.

I'll have to do further research to see how the degree is viewed internationally, of course. And this isn't even an option for the next 3 or more years anyway, while I'm prepping myself here.

Still makes for a nice dream to keep in the back of my mind, though. :)

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