Lograh (lograh) wrote,


WOW!! Sometimes, I really have to sit back and appreciate how much I love my job.

So, our building has had about 5 power outages so far today, and the calendaring server decided that was a few too many, and it went to shutdown. Being NT4, it didn't actually restart on it's own, but sat there with the services off (including our group calendaring) and a little box with a button saying "restart".

Thank you, Microsoft, for waiting for user intervention even when there is ONLY ONE CHOICE!

So, anyway, as I was saying, I had to physically go up to the box and restart it. On my way there, I passed the front doors and looked out the window to see the trees leaning to one side and enough water falling to make me think it was an under-the-sea scene from some movie.

I quickly ran up to the box, restarted it, anxiously waited for it to come back to life (think "open open open open") and then ran back down to my office. Once back here I donned my overcoat, tightened my hat, and declared it prime time for a "childhood break".

Thus, I spent a good deal of minutes running around on a nice slippery lawn, being blown any which way by the wind, chasing my hat, falling and sliding in the mud, and laughing maniacly the whole time.

I'm sure a few people had to wonder for my sanity, with at least one of them worried for their saftey. :)

Afterwords, I went and got a nice semi-sweet coffee drink and *splish*splosh*ed back to my office. My socks are now hopelessly soaked (remember my footwear of choice), my pants are rather wet from about mid-calf down (where the overcoat stops), my hat is a nice shade of wet (with a little bit of mud still on the ribbon), and I can't wipe this grin from my face.

If any of you locals are at jobs that allow for "childhood breaks", now's a great time to take one.
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