Lograh (lograh) wrote,

why am I so tired? // random

so, I woke up today at 'bout 9ish.. Not bad for a saturday.. Espescially considering I went to sleep last night at 'bout 9:12ish. damn near 12 farking hours of sleep!!! WOOHOO!!!!

problem is, I kept waking up through the night for reasons I can't fathom. Sometimes it was lack of blankies.. a few times were just random uncomfort. most the time, though, I dunno.. I just woke up, wondered why the hell I was up, and promptly went back to sleep.

As a result of all this, I'm tired. still. I'll probably take a nap in a few hours. mayhaps that'll help.

still though, 12 hours of sleep is pretty good. I'm happy with that much. 14 or 16 would have been nicer, but I'll be content with 12.
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