Lograh (lograh) wrote,

here, in person! // job bitching

It's the pointy-haired boss!!

So, get this:

He sends me an email saying how these two little issues that have been bothering him for two months are suddenly my top priority. I've looked at them before, but by his own admition they are "minor annoyances at the most" and when I tell him I've got these other faculty who are entirely without computers he tells me I should focus on them instead. This has been going on for a while now, and today he sends me an email that ends with (and I quote):



Great.. He is well aware of email etiquette and when he writes like that he is intending to sound like he's pissed as hell and yelling.

Obviously, I have only one option: drop everything and get on it.

I find someone to take the helpline from me, and I run right up there. I arrive at a deserted office with a hastilly-scribbled note on the door proclaiming them closed till 1:30 (2.5 hours from when I get up there). I do what I can to the computer, and mange to clean up a few issues, but I can't reproduce the main problem he's having. So I figure I'll come back at 1:30 and watch him.
1:30 rolls around and I go up there, his secretary looks at his schedule and says he won't be back till 3:00. great.

Now, we've spoken with him time and again about how difficult it is to try and fix someone's computer when they are not there. How annoying it is when people leave the instant we show up. How we need them there to demonstrate the problem. And here he is, sending me a demanding email insiting I drop *everything* else and go straight to work on his problem, and he sent it not 10 minutes before he left the office for most of the day!

SO, ja, 3:00 rolls around and I'm there standing in the office waiting for him to show up. He finally does (a little late) and I follow him into his office and have him show me the problem.

Verdict: User Error!!

grrrrrr... The best part: No appology for sending a very rude disrespectful email. No "sorry, my bad" or anything. Just a "well, I guess it wasn't a problem after all. Glad that's fixed."


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