Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I am such a self-centered bastard.

I realized this on the way to work today. Granted, I've known I'm a mean, rude, arrogant prick of a bastard for many years now. I never thought of myself as particularly self-centered, though. It really hit home this morning, though, as I was thinking about last night.

See, last night I did something so disgustingly "typical american" that it still makes me sick to think of it. Short version of the story (I'll spare you the boring details) is that my federal tax return arrived 2 days ago (Tuesday) and last night I went and purchased a "Home Theatre System" (where they get off calling it that, I will never figure out. It's just some speakers (that really aren't that great when you get right down to it), a receiver and a dvd player. How this qualifies as a "Home Theatre" I can't fathom, but I digress). The check hadn't even cleared the bank (honestly, it's not even deposited yet, but that's a minor detail) when I'm off spending it. GAH! How disgustingly stereotypically "American" (the inherent misnomer is another issue I'm not even going to get started on) can I get!?!?!

This is all beside the point, though. That being my now needing to add "self-centered" to my list of other fine qualities (the arrogant, rude, etc from above). See, I don't watch much cable TV. I pay half the cable bill because I feel it is nice to have on occasion ("Farscape" being a recent addition to the list of shows I enjoy) and I usually turn on the weather channel in the mornings just to check if they think it'll rain or not, but I really don't watch it all that much when you get right down to it. So I'm there in the store counting audio/video inputs on the back of the reciever, and counting devices at home. And after about two or three different results (I even used my fingers for two of them) I decided it's a close enough match and I get the bloody thing. I get it home and plug it all in and am satisfied that it fits our setup perfectly.

Here's where my self-centeredness comes in. My roomate watches cable a LOT (by my standards, that is. In all fairness he likely watches less than the average american does, but that's beside the point). The cable only has coax video output. The reciever I purchased only supports RCA video in/out. You see the problem? While we can pipe all the other systems through the reciever and it will switch the video to match the audio with one button on one remote, we have to make an exception for the cable and we have to switch the TV antenna to the coax one and then set the reciever to "aux" for the audio.
Admittedly, it's only one more button on a different remote, but the point of the matter is: I didn't even consider that when I was counting inputs or plugging everything in or at any step whatsoever! I only cared about the devices I use, and the purposes for which I personally would want this system. I didn't give one iota of care to how my roomate (who probably will be using it more than I will) will interface with the device, or if it will be inconvienant for him to watch TV now, or anything like that! I just found a system I was happy with and basically said "the hell with anyone else, *I*'m happy with this" and went with that!

So, now I guess I'm officially a self-centered, arrogant, rude, mean prick of a bastard.

Oh well, I guess that title in itself gives me permission to say "so what" to what others may think of it. I suppose that's some comfort.

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