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a wonderously unproductive day. // life and such

so, yeah, today was nice. Woke up next to serenica69, which is allways a good start to a day. Then went right back to sleep, which also helps make the rest of the day nice. :) She later saw fit to awake me, as it was rapidly approaching the time for the alarm to go off, and hearing that would just have ruined the whole effect. She's so kind. So yeah, she quickly hurried off, as my dad was expected and she had no interest in meeting him today. I then had brekkie, showered, and went about preparations for my dad's visit.

He and I went out for a little mini-roadtrip wherein we went up the 50 to the 49, then the 12 then the 99 on back to town. Basically a big loop to the east of Sactown, heading up to the foothills and seeing much in the way of scenic photo-ops (good thing I remembered to bring my cammeras, I think I went through 80 or so piccies). The most interesting bits being the diner we had lunch at (I forget the name) and the fact that we never once left KWOD's coverage. We did the whole trip without changing the radio station -- quite a feat, that.

Valentine's day was quite enjoyable. I would go into details about the gifts exchanged, but, well, it's more fun to keep you all guessing. :) let's just say that she wore a very sexy outfit just for me, and I even had the sense about me to take some pictures for sharing with y'all (pending her approval and permission, of course).

And now, I go to shower and retire for the evening. If I'm to be waking up hundreds of times tonight, I do belive I should try to get an early start on the task! :)

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