Lograh (lograh) wrote,


it's snowing in München right now. I'm watching it on the webcam live in Marienplatz.

I remember my first night in that town. I had just arrived about an hour beforehand, and had tossed my bag in my trailer (I was staying in a trailer in a campground rather than a hostel), and a few guys said they were heading into town and asked if I'd like to tag along. We got off in Marienplatz and stepped into a *HUGE* celebration. Turns out that day was some sort of state holiday, and they had tables and vendors set up in Marienplatz for the festivities. We promptly got some stiens and sat next to a local couple, who were more than happy to help us get up to speed in the celebration.

And here I am, having just discovered München's web site, looking at a snowy morning in Marienplatz. I can clearly recognize the fountain I spent an hour sitting at one afternoon. I can see the clock tower where I watched the special festive show and took many pictures of it on that very night I arrived in town. I am looking at the exit from the subway station where I walked into the crowds that first night. I lay here, half asleep, watching the scene slowly get brighter with the dawn, remembering my trip, wishing I could be there right now.

Someday. Someday soon. I am closer to being free of lingering debt with every month that passes. My mother isn't taking so much money each month, some months she doesn't need my help at all. Those months I make even larger payments to my credit cards. I am slowly crawling out of this pit I have gotten myself into. I should be re-accepted to the MA program soon, so I can save money on classes then. That's even more money I can put towards the debt, though I hope it is all gone by then. This should be the year I finish it off. Then I save for one or two months, and I can go back there for a short trip. I have almost a month of vacation time saved up right now. I'll have even more after this year. I don't know if I'll have enough funds for a winter trip this comming December, but if I do, I may send myself there for the last week of the year. That would be wonderful. My birthday and new years, both in that beautiful city, in the snow.

I really wonder, sometimes, why do I tortue myself like this? Why do I continue to read the München newspaper every now and then? Why am I browsing it's website, watching the webcam feed of those lovely buildings? It only ever manages to make me sad.

It's morning, right now, in München. A peaceful snowy morning,

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