Lograh (lograh) wrote,

geeky question

so, I'm redoing the ftp server to incorporate sw-raid on all the partitions (instead of just some of them), having satisfied myself that the bulk of the problem was an overloaded powersupply (what, you mean 11 HDDs, a CD, Floppy, and various MB components was too much?!), and I find myself faced with a bit of a problem:

I've partitioned HDA into 3 partitions: 18GB, 1GB, and 19GB (it's a 40).
I've partitioned HDB into 2 partitions: 18GB and 1GB (it's a 20)
I've partitioned the rest into just one 19GB chunk each (they're all 20s).

What I want to do, is make the two 18s a RAID1, and mount it root/boot. I want the two 1s as swap, and I want all the 19s as a RAID5 (with two spares) for home directory storage. The idea being that if I loose HDA (the 40), then the mirrored-root (from RAID1) and swap on HDB can take over for the bootup and system usage, and the RAID5 will recover from the loss of the 19 partition on HDA. If I loose HDB, then HDA will still be able to do the booting and swap purposes. If I loose any of the other 20s, the RAID5 will recover.

So, that's the goal. My question involves the boot loader. The install proggie only lets me put it in one place, so I'm thinking the boot sector of the RAID1 will work best, as that way it's on both HDA and HDB. My issue, though, is that how will I tell the MBR of HDB to load the boot loader, since if HDA fails it's MBR will not be ready at boot time and the system will (I'm hoping, still have to test this) check for an MBR on HDB.

I'll probably be picking up a copy of the O'Reilly LinuxRAID book this weekend, but I'm curious if anyone reading this has suggestions or tips I can try today.

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