Lograh (lograh) wrote,


Come with me
into the trees
We'll lay on the grass
and let the hours pass.

well, last night was nice. I baked, I played, 'twas all good. tobin and macklinr (and the third with them, who is not LJ-enabled) decided that if I couldn't join them at Tobin's place, then they would join me at mine. So I was able to make stuff for serenica69 while also being able to play.

'bout the only thing I wasn't able to do was sleep. :) Baking kept me up till 'round 2300, and with the alarm set at 0500 that doesn't leave terribly much time for shuteye. Oh well, I've got the water heating for some tea right now, I'll just make it a nice strong caffiene mix and it'll all be good.

Sorry, gregory_geiger, but I wasn't able to get over to your place last night. I'll put the CDs in my bag and try for today, or at the very least this way I'll have them when I show up tomorrow.

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