Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so far...

Hitotsume no kotoba wa yume
nemuri no naka kara
mune no oku no kurayami wo sotto
tsuredasu no

so, today I managed to get out of bed with a twitching eyelid, and played 'bout an hour of videogame with my right eye bugging me (as it wasn't particularly enjoying the antics of the lid).

Then I took a shower, and just tried to relax as much as I could, which would seem to have been exactly what my eyelid needed as it eventually slowed and stopped. Though still to this point it's doing the occasional reminder, but it's tolerable at least.

Following the shower I was in a wandering mood, so I got dressed and grabbed the cameras schtuff and went out for parts unknown. I spent a few hours wandering around town, rode the Light Rail to various places and walked around various others. Looks like some building downtown might have recently collapsed/burned down because there were a bunch of people working to block off the area and clean up rubble that had that 'fresh destruction' feel to it.

I only got about 50 pics from the time, but it was very much needed. I like to wander, it's very healing for my mind. Helps me to find myself, 'out there'. Sometimes I will go to the maul and immerse myself in the thick pounding of humanity, other times I'll seek out the back ways, the hidden corners and dark alleys where none tread. Today was a nice mixing of the two. I started out in the deserted areas, and finished passing through the downtown maul. A mixture of being alone with no one around, and then being alone in a crowd.

And now, File Viewer just got done importing the piccies from the past few outings with the camera and it's time for me to try and re-install GIMP so as to get some of them good for posting here and on da gazebo. I doubt I'll get through any of them before serenica69 calls, as she and I have tentative plans for sometimes around now this evening and GIMP will probably take an hour or two to install. We'll see, at least the piccies are on the iBook (yeah, like *that* is a safe place for anything right now!) and that's a start.

I think some of the piccies will work well for userpics, like those 'linkage' and 'memeage' ones I've been needing recently.

In other news, I just popped my wrist and it felt *SOO* good. Best pop it's done in a while. Yes, I pop my wrist on occasion. Both of them. I try not to, but sometimes it hurts so damn much and popping it makes it feel a ton better.

when samuel adams makes me ail
dr. pepper's not around
when sweet success has let me fail
i crave a flavor most profound
and my mind just turns to pepsi
when i look i see i buy
my crystal light has just burned out
and canada's gone dry
my yoohoo will not call to me
i am a loyal endorsee of pepsi
drink it up

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