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in other news.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 16.Jan.2004

17:34 - in other news..

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so, as I've mentioned, I upgraded the FTP server to a different box. At the same time, I had learned a bit about the partitioning scheme and why I fux0red it up the first time, so I decided to just go and re-install the whole system. Now I'm re-uploading the data I did the first time.

This helps to drastically show how big of a jump this newer system is.

First incarnation -- Time to upload : roughly 8.5 hours
Second incarnation -- Time to upload : 'bout an hour and ten minutes.

And technically, this time there is about .5GB more data!

damn.. 25GB in little over an hour.. nice.


Date:18:05 16.Jan.2004 (UTC)
Ah, you shouldn't be at work so late, especially on a Friday, my dear. Shouldn't you be out having fun?
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Date:21:42 16.Jan.2004 (UTC)
in my defence, the data was all entirely personal data, being backed up for personal purposes!

-- it's just convienant that I also happen to be in need of a large dataset to test this thing with. :)
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