Lograh (lograh) wrote,

20 songs

so, as tragerstreit did it and I think it's kinda cool, here are 20 songs my mp3 player picked after I clicked the "random" option and hit play.

Title -- Artist {genre (as best as I could guess)}

Why Go -- Faithless {Mellow Electronica}
I Remember Now -- Queensryche {Rock}
Dreams Never End -- New Order {New Wave}
Certain People I Could Name -- They Might Be Giants {they're a genre all their own}
Escape From Noise -- Negativland {Experimental Electronica}
Mock Tudor -- Orbital {Electronica - Dance}
Long Tall Sally -- Little Richard {Rock}
Wicked Little Doll -- David Byrne {Electronica/Alternative meshing}
Horizons -- LTJ Bukem {Mellow Electronica}
Playboy Channel -- Negativland {Experimental Electronica}
Much Ado About Nothing Left -- Orbital {Electronica - Dance}
Tricycle -- Wheel {Minimalistic Electronica}
Dying Degree -- NOFX {Punk}
S.M.O.K.E. -- Gavin Froome {Mellow Electronica}
Baby Face -- Little Richard {Rock}
Der Schwarze Monolith -- Solar Impact {Electronica - Dance}
Shaolin Satellite -- Thievery Corporation {Mellow Electronica}
Hold Me My Daddy -- XTC {Alternative}
CIA Man -- The Fugs {er, Rock?}
Action -- Clem Snide {Country-esque}

I broke Electronica into sub-genres simply because it looked silly having so many just say "Electronica". That, and there is sufficient difference between some of the larger sub-genres that they really are nothing alike.

And, just as a bonus, it sent me back to XTC after that last song finished.

hrmm.. New Order, Queensryche, XTC, Negativland, Little Richard, Orbital, and They Might Be Giants (among others). A nice sampling, though it missed some other notable names in the collection. Ah well, 'tis only 20 songs, what more could be expected?

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