Lograh (lograh) wrote,

just a quickie

artistic_chaos's art show was nice. Well spaced pieces, good music, and a friendly atmosphere. I liked the standing and chatting, particularly the bit of chatting that was done with darkmoon's friend (I forgot her name), and the chess chatting that was had with macklinr and the others around that table.
After all that, I rode back to gregory_geiger and tobin's place and hung with them and another (who is not lj-enabled, to my knowledge). Nice low-energy lounging, very enjoyable. It's good to chill with friends sometimes.
After I got home, serenica69 came over and we watched a little more of The Two Towers before conking out.

Sunday saw her and I going picture wandering around the Old Sac area. We found it vaguely amusing how you could probably have seen us from a distance and instantly thought, "oh, two photographers". hehe.. We had on us: one old-sk00l 120 format camera (TLR style), two 35mm SLR cameras, one DSLR, a camera bag, and an extra lens case hanging off the camera bag. She went through about 72ish frames, I only hit 35 myself (just wasn't feeling overly shutter happy at the time, I'm not entirely sure why -- I mean, I was trying to conserve battery charge because I knew I only had about 1.5 batteries worth of charge to begin with, but still 35 is a pathetic amount for the time we were out). All told, we spent 4 hours wandering and chatting and shooting. It was nice.

And today, I am way too tired for coherent tought. 6q's mixset is helping keep my eyes open, but I'm not getting much work done. grr... time to go change that.

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