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my microdrive finally arrived. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 22.Apr.2002

9:48 - my microdrive finally arrived.

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so, now I have to decide. Do I continue taking pictures in second-best quality, because the smaller filesize means that it can write them to storage quicker. Or do I shoot in best quality mode, just accepting that I won't be able to review them quite as quickly after they are taken? Of course, the larger files will also take longer to download, but I can allways just start the process and let it run in the background while I work so that's not a worry.

Either way, I'm glad it has arrived at last. And happy I don't have to worry about running out of room when I take pictures of events anymore.


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Date:11:05 22.Apr.2002 (UTC)


I am a firm believer in the "take it higher/bigger/better, because you can always scale down."

You would kick yourself if you had a great picture and it came out just ok due to res issues.

again, you need to eMail me the $$ amount that you have spent on your cam. looking into one myself.

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Date:11:07 22.Apr.2002 (UTC)

Re: hurmn.

whoops, sorry. I'll do that.
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