Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I miss art.

I used to have various pieces of 'art' on my walls, many seasons ago. I have been missing it of late, and viewing art last night and seeing it on the walls of the abode of some folk I know has made me miss it all the more. I think I shall wander over to my mom's place (where I still have a few boxes of stuff) and try to find my art.

I need something on my walls. They are just so annoyingly plain and . . . PLAIN! gah.

In other news, the iBook is back from the shop. I also have one of it's bretheren here and I'm trying to run stuff on them to burn them up over the weekend. :) We are understandably concerned, as we have 30 of them for a laptop lab that is going live next semester, and it wouldn't do to have the lab dead when they all burn up.

One thing I like about 'techno' music, is the song length. Take Yer average 'pop' song, and it's probably somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes. Look at yer average 'techno' song, and it's time is usually more in the range of 5-7 minutes (with 9 minutes not being at all uncommon). This expanded time allows for further development of themes, a slower lead-in and fade-out, and just generally gives the listener more time to appreciate the song, I feel. You actually get songs with sub-themes at that point.
Granted, this is practically nothing in comparisson to 'classical' music, where you'll get times hovering around 15 or 20 minutes for one piece -- but then, I really like 'classical' as well. :)
If Beethoven were alive today, he would be labled a 'techno' artist.

'Bout the only drawback to listening to 'techno' music so much, is that I can't post disembodied lyrics in my posts, there often being no real 'lyrics' in the songs. I assure you, I haven't given up on doing thus, I just have not been listening to lyrical songs while I post as of late.

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