Lograh (lograh) wrote,

excuse me whilst I rave about my job

Another thing I love about working at a university (or, at the very lest, *this* university). My dressing-down today has not yet garnered so much as an odd glance. I'm chillin' in my office (phone-duty this morning), and people have come by for questions and help, and I'm doing my job with my sandals off, belt jingling and just generally chillin'. And not a single mention, glance, or anything. The people I work with around here are just so amazingly laid back and relaxed that I doubt they even *noticed*.

Perhaps it's because all the other people in my classification dress down normally (I'm normally the most 'professionally dressed' of the lot). Perhaps it's that I've dressed oddly enough times before that they are somewhat used to it from me now. Perhaps it's just the wonderful atmosphere that pervades this place. Whatever the reason, I like the ability to get away with wearing just about anything I like to work. After working temp jobs where I have to wear slacks and dress shirts even on "casual days" where all the real employees of my assignment are comming in jeans, and retail where I have to maintain a very strictly enforced dress code (someone was fired for showing up out of code twice -- written up on the first occurance), having this level of clothing freedom is nice. It's one of the last few places where the 'computer guys' can still get away with dressing casual every day (I've read (and heard first-hand) enough horror stories about techs being forced into suits with the collapse of the 'dot-com bubble').

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