Lograh (lograh) wrote,

jingle jingle

So, today I'm a little 'dressed down' for work. I'm still wearing my jean-cut cordoroys, but instead of my normal belt and polo shirt, I'm wearing a black 'Uberkunst' t-shirt with serenica69's 'bondage belt'. It's a thick black leather belt with metal loops all around it. I like it. The constant jingling when I walk is a little disconcerting (I preferr to be slient when I move), but it's a nice belt and it's fun to play with the loops while I'm waiting for a task to finish. The only thing I don't like all that much about it is the thickness. It's too big to easilly (if at all) fit my leatherman on it, and I kinda need the leatherman for work (I swear, I use the damn thing at least once every day). So for now I'm just dropping it in my pockets, but that's not going to work as a long-term solution.

In other news, I'm munching on some Panda brand licorice. Damn good eats. Highly recommended for anyone who likes black licorice.

In still other news, I can't seem to find where my copy of Orbital's 'The Alltogether' has gone wandering off to. It wasn't where I expected it in my room this morning, and it's not with the collection of CDs I've got here at work, and it's not in my bag either. I'm starting to wonder about it. I had it just a few days ago when I imported it into the iTunes at home, and now I can't find it (as I was going to loan it to serenica69 for her listening enjoyment). I also kinda wanted to listen to it during work today. Bummer. Instead I'm grooving on some Garbage for now (currently 'Garbage', 'Version 2.0' is next in the queue -- if I can find it).

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