Lograh (lograh) wrote,

happy new year!

So, last night serenica69 and I rung in the new year with a murder mystery game party thang with some friends of hers. It was fun, I once again wound up being the murderer (why is it allways me!?), and once again most of the people picked someone else.

I have gotten two definate 'yes' answers from amongst the people there for Diplomancy playing. Them, plus myself, ox_number_10, and macklinr makes 5. I need to call that one guy to see if he's still interested (met him one day working at GameKeeper). And then, if gravilim is still interested (that's a question), we have enough for a full game!

Oh, and for some bad news (speaking of GameKeeper): GameKeeper has closed. The downtown shop is dead, and they are planning on just letting the current leases run out and then the entire chain is folding up. Hasbro decided they want to get out of the retail business. Such a shame. I spent quite a few years associated with that store, it's a bummer to see them close it up.
On a similar note, The Discovery Store in the downtown plaza also closed up shop. I don't know if that chain is folding also, but it still sucks to see them close up that store -- I liked stopping in there when I passed by.
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