Lograh (lograh) wrote,

So now they’ve grown up in these
Brilliantly beautiful sterile communities
Floating like the sleepers through the
Flowers and emptiness, the boring futility

So, serenica69 and I went light viewing this evening. We had a nice time of it, even though we were out there late enough that most lights were being turned off. Oddly enough, Gold River had the fewest lights on display when we went around there. Fair Oaks, however, had a few nice houses. There was one in particular that I really liked for it's collumn work. Very tastefully done lights, that one had.

So, what the frell am I doing up so late? well, it's simple really. StumbleUpon has infected my life. I made the mistake of installing the stumbler toolbar, and I now have a source of unending capacity to waste time online. :) Recommended for anyone who likes to just kinda cruse online.

In yet other news, I'm no longer running Explorer. Yay! The world may have conspired to force me onto WinXP (Linux drivers for this particular laptop are a bitch), but they won't get me running explorer! HA! Firebird for a browser and LiteStep for a shell, and I'm a happy camper.

I've also given up on iTunes on Win. It is such a resource hog and doesn't play well with anything else. Bah. Winamp5 it is, which is convienant enough as Litestep has that nice little Winamp module in most of the themes, so it's easy enough to use.

So, like, I was thinking earlier.. no, I'll save it for another post (when I can type better).

Something’s pulling you to the floor
Like a longtime friend
Someone’s banging your head on the wall
As a means to an end

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