Lograh (lograh) wrote,


2.5 hours till the test, I'm hereby officially done studying.

See, I learned a while ago (long, LONG while ago) that I cannot study within the last hour or two of a test. The more major the test, the longer a period of non-studying I had to have before it. If I do try to do any last-minute cramming, not only will I not remember what I crammed for, but the stress generated by that act will also cause me to forget everything I had gotten from my prior studying. I can think on what I've gotten from my studying, and I can still work on the mental arrangement of all the info, but should I try to force anything new in during the last few hours, the whole thing comes crashing down.

Hence, I'm done. Soon as my clothes finish drying I'm heading out for lunch and an espresso drink, then to test.

At least I have a nice yummy dinner planned with serenica69 for afterwards.

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