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helpline. gah.

Sometimes an idiot comes along who is so mind-numbingly brainless that it forces you to lower your previous bottom level estimate of just how dumb a person can get.

And then you realize that they have a PhD in something, and it just helps to reinforce how meaningless a degree is.

Just so you know, here's the short version of the story:

A person calls the helpline today and I answer nice and friendly as I always do, and he says who he is and he is having trouble with his email. I'll not state any names here, but I knew his name right of the bat as being one of our "problem children" (I have previously had to explain to him how to attach a file to an email message 6 times in the space of an hour -- yes, I counted), but I decided that this is what the helpline is here for and I forged ahead.
He says he has installed the newer Eudora last night over his older version and now he can't find out how to run the new version. He is trying the desktop shortcut he had, but is still getting the old version. I think to myself, "It's a miracle! His problem is the same one most people unfamilar with computers would have!". This is, after all, an understandable problem and happens all the time in similar situations. So, I walk him through the process of trying to find where the new Eudora got installed. We are having a bitch of a time, though, and I have him re-run the installer to see where it says it is going to install, but cancel before it actually does install so we don't screw anything up. We go through the process and eventually discover that it just placed it's files in the same directory as the old Eudora, which is why we couldn't find any folder with the new Eudora name. I have him read off the contents of that folder and sure enough, there is the new one right alongside the old. "Great", I'm thinking, "now we just run the new one to verify that is it and we replace the old shortcut and all is right in the world again!"

Not so. Oh no, it can _NEVER_ be that easy with this guy. I ask him to run the new one, and he obligingly double-clicks on the icon and right away it pops up with an "unexpected error" message and Eudora crash-and-burns. I'm now a bit stumped, and have him reboot the machine and when it comes back up we try again. Same result. He picks this time to mention -- almost as an aside -- that this is what happened last time.

Last time?!?!?

Turns out he has worked with two of my co-workers, one of them my supervisor and far more knowledgeable in this area than I, on this VERY SAME ISSUE before! They were never able to get the new Eudora to run on his system and that is why he was running the older one AND HE KNEW THIS!!!

Now, I realise I am a bit odd, some may even say weird, but when two auto mechanics both tell me that some new piece of equipment WILL NOT WORK with my car after they have both seperately spent a few days trying to get it to work, I don't then go home and try to install it myself overnight!

GAH!! I just told him there is nothing I can do for this over the phone and he needs to bring it in next week and one of us might be able to look at it then.

Sometimes, I wonder about people.

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