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yupyup - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 17.Dec.2003

20:40 - yupyup

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this is me, posting to LJ instead of studying. not that I haven't been studying for some time now, but I could be doing it right now and instead, I'm posting about how I'm not doing it.

And with the final Tomorrow, no less. I should probably go look up when that is.... On the plus side, I have tomorrow off from work, so I can sleep in and perhaps even nap during the day so I'm nice and rested for it. Plus I can do some day-of studying well in advance to let it all come together.

Here's hoping I don't bomb it.

*huggles* to serenica69. Thank you for the yummy brunch today, it was wonderful. I still have your leaf for you! :)


Date:21:57 17.Dec.2003 (UTC)
oh no, I forgot my leaf!
*huggles*? that's so cute.
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