Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I *swear* I didn't aim for this!

Your Lipson-Shiu type is ICUE
. . .
ICUE (Mad Scientist/Hacker)
Displaying many of the same traits as the ICUG, the ICUE combines these with a dangerously antisocial streak. May employ someone called Igor and mutter things like "Small minded fools! I'll show them all!" (example: Victor Frankenstein)
and, just because it's referenced in the description, here's the ICUG:
ICUG (Inventor)
The ICUG is given to solitude and shoe staring. He or she loves little puzzles and is often a good source of off-the-wall, innovative ideas. Best left to their own devices with only occasional steering (example: Leonardo da Vinci)

short test here.

I just think it's rather amusing that there's a copy of 2600 in my coat pocket, also. hehehe. I'm innocent, I swear! :)
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