Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I am so behind in my updates

I still have stuff from Wednesday I wished to type up in here.

So, working backwards:

Der (Die? Das? Ich weiß nicht.) iBook ist, noch einmal, tot. poor thing just couldn't take it anymore, and decided to halt after only 1GB into the backup of data. No tricks seem to be reviving it this time. It bongs when I hit the power, but no disk noises or anything else. damn. back to the shop (third time in 6ish months for this one).

serenica69 came over last night and we chatted for a bit. Her evil plan to keep me from my books and force me to have a good evening was executed with excellent precision. She let me look through some of the pictures from our outing together last, er, weekend sometime, and I gave my thoughts on them. I particularly liked some of them and we are of the opinion that at least one should be made into a userpic for her. Then, after a short while, she took off and left with me a small baggie of rumballs she had made earlier that evening. They came with the warning that they get better the longer you wait. I may have to trust her on that one as I had one before bed that evening and it was *GOOD*. I don't know how much longer the other ones have before I am forced to consume the lot of 'em.
Earlier that day I was running all over, being kept extremely busy at work (much like I should be right now but I'm slacking at the moment). With a short break in the middle of the day to have a nice relaxing lunch with her (yummy crepe) and a little walking around the campus chatting. My time here on campus yesterday culminating in the last class session for the semester, and I was *ON* all class. I had the answers, I went to the board and didn't totally choke or make a fool of myself, I was being so damn annoyingly good the instructor started calling on other students by name simply so I wouldn't call out the answer right away. This being worth noting simply because this topic hasn't been making ANY sense all semester and yesterday little bits and pieces finally started to fall together and for the first time in years I felt like I might eventually be able to grasp what the frell is going on with this area of math. The light hasn't entirely been turned on in my head, but there were a few sparks of activity yesterday.

Wednesday saw me having a reasonable day, nothing overly exciting that I can remember from work. I just remember that when I got done with work I was simply *not* in the mood to study. I couldn't get my mind in the right place for it, so I called serenica69 up and we wound up having dinner that evening. It was a good end to the day, having a nice peaceful dinner with no pressing schedule or obligations. Good food, good conversation, and good company.

So ja, there's a recap of the last few days.

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