Lograh (lograh) wrote,

and now for a real post

even though most people read their friends pages from top-down, and so technically my last post (which you likely haven't read yet) will be the second post you read and this subject "and now..." will not seem entirely sensical (much like that word), but oh well..

This poor iBook is having living issues. It seems to forget it has a display every now and again. I can turn it on, and hear it make all the little noises it should. And when it should be up, I can do things like hit the eject button and the CD drive pops open, but the display is dead. Closing the cover does not send it into sleep mode, and if I send it to sleep manually (power button, pause, 's' key) then close the lid it will come out of sleep mode when I open the lid, but still nothing on the display.

I finally managed to coax it into brilliance (yeah, like I could do all this without a display) and will be eagerly backing up data to my work computer (the pains of a 120Kbps upload bandwidth) should I not get another chance later on.. But just thought I'd post this as a psuedo-cry for help to any of the Mac-heads who read this .

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