Lograh (lograh) wrote,

what a night.

guf. It all started out innocently enough with a yummy sup of egg noodles and cream of mushroom soup (with parmesean cheese). I did some studying, and then lay down for sleep right before serenica69 called me back (I had left a message on her machine earlier). So she and I chatted for a bit, which cheered me up (while studying math can normally be enjoyable (heck, some topics I'll actually study in my spare time for *fun*) this particular topic simply depresses me because I'm having so much trouble understanding it). Then she and I said goodnight and I proceeded to call it an evening and lay back down.
Then the phone rang again. A friend of mine whom I see every few months for lunch or so was in a bit of a spot as her relationship had just ended. So I spent the next few hours playing counselor and trying to convince her that perhaps suicide isn't the best solution. Our conversation was cut short by her call-waiting caller-id informing her that he was calling her back. She said she'd call me back and went to get his call -- despite my suggestions to the contrary. I waited about half an hour, but eventually fell asleep.
She hasn't called back yet, I hope she made it through the night. She was in a rather bad state, to the point of debating methods. She was certain she would do it in a few days, she was just trying to figure out how and where. Hopefully he didn't make it worse (he was a jerk and she *really* deserved better -- why is it girls stay with bad men?).

In lighter news, I had the joy of being able to say "why yes, it is a bananna in my pocket" this morning as the chemistry club is having a sale in the lobby of my building. I'll probably go back for a bagel when this post is over. I'm tired from lack of sleep (in spite of sleeping in and showing up late for work) and the energy would be helpful.

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