Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so much to say

yet none of it gets written.

I think some people are approaching their lives in manners inconsistent with success. Myself included. I have most certainly made my fair share of mistakes in the past, and I'm certain I'll continue to make some in years to come. I can only hope that the mistakes I have yet to make are different from those I've performed in the past.

I need to pick up some soda for da haus next time I'm at a store, along with a shower curtain.
I also need to pick up some cash before brunch.
If I were smart, I would have done all this on the way home. Alas, such was not to be. In continueing with the non-smartness of myself, I'm avoiding studying when I should really be doing the opposite. I have a final in about . . . 11 days which I am not at all ready for.

Speaking of scholarly endeavours, remember that test I took last Tuesday which I felt so bad about my performance on? I wound up getting almost 50% on it!!! WOO-FREAKING-HOO!!!! 12/25 baby!!! HELLLS YEAH! Yes, that type of a score is considered respectable for this class/teacher. Sure, there were probably some people who got 15 or even 17, but I doubt anyone got higher than 17. That, and she told the class that all of us are assured of at lest a B+ at this point. She said "just show up to the final, put your name on the paper and turn it in" and we get a B+. Problem is, I have no excuse other than my own mental inability to do this crep to not get an A. It's not like I have another class filling my study time. And my job will let me slack off a bit as finals approach (one of the perks of working at a university where you're also attending classes -- everyone's willing to let some stuff slide when schoolwork gets painfull). My social life is pretty non-demanding because all the people I value in my life either have by now gotten used to my vanishing act every semester or they have classes and the corresponding studying to do themselves.. So yeah, I really have only my own laziness to blame for any lack of studying (like my making this post right now).

In other news, I went wandering the mauls yesterday, wound up discovering there's a little cart in the Rotunda in Downtown Plaza selling stuffs by The Upper Crust baking company. I picked up 6 yummy cookies for 5 dollars. Big cookies, they were. Quite yummy also. I have no more left, though, so I may wind up getting another baggie at some indeterminate point in the future. Or perhaps not, who knows. I also picked up another pair of pants from EddieBauer, much like the brown jeans-cut cordory pants I shnagged recently, but these are more of a greenish-tan colour. But they fit well and have a relatively sturdy feel to them, so I'll likely like them in spite of the atrocious cut (I despise jean-cut pockets! They are at the *wrong* angle for comfortably putting your hands in them).

After all that, I wound up home at a reasonable hour and serenica69 and I decided to make an evening of it with dinner at Jacks and then a show. We saw the Actor's Workshop of Sacramento's production of "A Devil Inside" (hrmmm.. those aposotrophies are making my head hurt). It was quite humorous and an enjoyable outing, though reasonable parking in that area is pretty much not to be had. We also discovered the Supper Club, a very nice-looking resteraunt we have determined we simply *must* dine at one of these days -- though I may have to rent a tux for the event or something similar as I doubt anything I own would be sufficiently high-end for them. Looking in the windows at the various patrons and the decor we both got the distinct impression that the menu, if there even is one, doesn't mention a single price.
heh.. I can't help thinking how great it'd be to go there "dressed down". heheh.. They'd likely bar the doors the instant they saw us.
So ja, it was a very pleasant evening.

And then this morning, to head home and demonstrate a severe lack of foresight by passing by two stores and an ATM without stopping in at a single one. D'oh! Ah well -- these things, they do happen. And now here I am, avoiding homework and listening to tunez at a volume through my headphones which leads me to wonder if I could even hear the phone should it happen to ring. Sure, it's right next to me, but these are nice headphones.

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