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just a note: - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 05.Dec.2003

10:55 - just a note:

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I realize this technical stuff is difficult to understand sometimes, but "username" and "password" are called different things for a reason. They are *not* interchangeable.

geeze.. and this lady's teaching!?

(this ranks right up there with the "my printer's lights are blinking and the display says 'load letter', what's that mean?" call.)

on the other hand, I should be happy it was that simple. I'm just tired enough to probably fumble any problem more complex than that.


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Date:14:43 05.Dec.2003 (UTC)
Paraphrase voice mail this morning:

"Outlook Express says that my...'store folder is damaged'. Oh, and all my emails are screwed up. Please help me fix these two problems."

Mild, but I still chuckled.
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